Welcome to Creative Writing Wall, a blog full of creative writing exercises for writers in bloom!

Creative Writing Wall was conceived during a long bout of writer’s block, when I was in desperate need of some practical, hands-on advice on how to extract the myriad characters who lay ensnared under layers of barren fear in my mind. Each of the creative writing exercises and suggestions is there to help you become a better and more confident writer.

About Cynthia Ferreira

Cynthia Ferreira was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, but her passion for travelling has brought her to the streets of Rio, the hustle and bustle of NYC, the volcanic hot springs of the Azores, the feverish bazaars of Istanbul, the great capitals of England, France, and Portugal, and back to her second home in Florence, Italy.

Cynthia holds a Master of Arts degree in History and is faculty at a Montreal college. She is an enthusiastic teacher of the stories of men and women and the incredible societies they have created over the millennia. She knew she wanted to be a writer in order to give a voice to characters of her imagination ever since she first started tapping on her mother’s Smith Corona typewriter back in Eighties.

Wish you many years of happy and productive writing,

 About Cynthia Ferreira